Analysis of science process skills of chemical education students through self project based learning (SjBL) in the pandemic COVID 19 era

Rusmini Rusmini, Suyono Suyono, Rudiana Agustini


Research has been implemented related to the analysis of the students’ science process skills through project-based learning in a pandemic era. The prohibition of face-to-face lectures causes obstructed trial activities conducted on campus. This condition encourages project-based learning to carry out extraction experiments independently (Self Project Based Learning-SjBL). The method used in this study was the Pre-Experimental Design One-Shot Case Study with 94 students involved in major of chemistry education in the 4th semester. The instruments used in this study were the science process skills assessment sheet, the activity observation sheet, and the students’ response to the questionnaire. The results showed that the ability of students' science process skills was the highest on the indicators of determining tools and materials and also the ability to determine research variables in excellent categories. To determine the work steps, and to make a data table including good categories. Making research objectives, hypotheses, analyzing and drawing conclusions on quite good categories and making problem formulations in bad categories. In general, students' science process skills were in the good category. The activity of implementing student projects received an excellent category and students gave a positive response to project implementation during a pandemic.


science process skills, Self Project Based Learning (SjBL), covid pandemic 19

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