Retention of students ahead of the change from virtual to face to face classes: Case study from the commercial engineering department

Ninfa Willans, Cristina Galvan Fernandez


The academic performance of our students is being presented as a permanent challenge for the academy due to its complex directly associated with the results of learning. So then, it originates the question: do academics' methodological innovation efforts impact academic performance? To answer this question, we present the results taken from these innovations applied to a Commercial Engineering course at Universidad de Antofagasta. Considering an universe of 251 students in a 4-year time horizon (2018-2021). It is proposed a teaching plann with digital resources for leraning and centered in students increasing the interaction with resources and with peers. The goal of the innovation is to improve the average grade point average by at least 5% and the failure rate (will decrease) by at least 15%. The innovation in the subject has increased the percentage of approved and the participation in lessons.


Academic performance, retention, digital learning

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