Assessment strategies in mixed learning applied in IT engineering and mathematics studies

Eloi Puertas


During the past COVID pandemical crisis, teachers at any level must to adapt their teaching methodologies to online learning environment.  One of the fear most aspects was the course assessment. Nonetheless, a lot of teachers were attracted to use news tools, that previously exists in their online platforms. In Universitat de Barcelona learning was developed in a mixed form after the first COVID crisis, doing some activities online and others, like final semester exams, in person. During this phase, we have carried out a questionnaire among students and teachers to know their opinion about assessment tasks during these semesters where online learning was more important than any time before. The results we have recollected shows that professors and students not always share the same point of view about usefulness of different assessment strategies or how they are linked to competence and skills achievements. 


Mixed learning, higher education, assessment strategies, competences, IT engineering, mathematics

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