A web-based formative feedback system using isomorphic items to support Physics learning

Sentot Kusairi


Formative feedback plays an important role in assisting students in their learning process. However, giving information about student weaknesses and strengths is one of the challenges teachers face when they try to implement formative assessment. This study aims to develop a web-based formative feedback system that is able to provide a specific one. This is a development research with steps including needs analysis, model design, model development, and limited model testing. The research has succeeded in developing a web-based formative feedback system through utilizing isomorphic items. The results of the initial test showed that the model can provide timely and effective formative feedback both individually and in groups of students. The use of this model also allows the teachers to discuss student’s learning difficulties in real time responses. The results of this study need to be followed up with the implementation of this model in more extensive trial.



WEB-based formative feedback system, formative assessment, isomorphic test item, physics.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3926/jotse.781

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