Empirical verifications of web-learning environment to enhance learning effectiveness and motivation in mechanical drawing

Tsutomu Sekine


In mechanical drawing class, it is a problem that a lecturer has students get a wide range of knowledge and skills in a class whose time and place are limited in a semester. The situation surrounding the classes has led to insufficient understanding of students. Accordingly, it has been desired to reveal an effective learning method in mechanical drawing class. In this study, a web-learning environment was created on the basis of motivation-oriented teaching method using ARCS model and Gagne’s 9 events of instruction. Then, the web-learning environment was introduced into mechanical drawing class, and the effectiveness was investigated with the comparison of results from paper-based and web-based tests. After that, learning motivation was also assessed using ARCS evaluation sheet. From the results, there existed the advantage of using web-learning environment. In addition, it was remarkable that attention-related factors greatly contributed the enhancement of learning motivation.


Mechanical drawing; E-learning; ARCS model; Gagne's 9 events of instruction; Learning motivation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.3926/jotse.856

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