Elaboration and validation of the scale to measure the experience on gamification in education (EGAMEDU)

María-Elena Parra-González, Adrián Segura-Robles, Antonio-José Moreno-Guerrero, Jesús López-Belmonte


Nowadays, we talk about the use of gamification in education, an active methodology that consists of the use of mechanics, design or game structures in class. With this type of methodology, the effort is rewarded, which is treated as a motivating tool in class. There is no valid or well-structured instrument to measure gamification properly in education. This research arises from the need to develop and validate an instrument to measure the experience on gamification in educational contexts (EGAMEDU) as a useful tool of diagnosis so that the teaching staff can guide their teaching practice toward the use of this methodology. The sample used for the validation of the questionnaire is composed of 401 participants related to education and gamified experiences. The results show good validity indexes and a factorial structure according to the one proposed in the theory.


Validation, educational innovation, gamification, EGAMEDU

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.3926/jotse.1505

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