Teacher decision making tool: Development of a prototype to facilitate teacher decision making in the classroom

Oihane Unciti, Ramon Palau


Teaching is a complex activity that requires a combination of different knowledges, attitudes, skills and values. Teachers are continuously making decisions in the classroom to promote the teaching-learning process. This paper presents the development of a prototype that aims to facilitate teachers’ decision making in the classroom in real time, considering variables related to the students, the teacher, and the environment or environmental factors in the classroom.

We used the DBR (Design Based Research) methodology for this project. We reached the first iteration when the second version of the prototype was presented. An analysis of the literature was carried out as a starting point and to establish the foundations for the first version of the prototype. A later expert judgment allowed the prototype to evolve to the second version. This is the starting point for the technological development of the designed solution.

This research is a first step towards using technology to improve teacher decision making in the classroom, and has great potential benefits for both the teacher, for improving their skills, and the student, so they can have a better and more customized learning experience.


Decision making, real-time feedback, smart classroom, emotion recognition, environmental factors

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.3926/jotse.1801

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