Interdisciplinary experience in the teacher training of Vitoria-Gasteiz: Teaching profession module

Igor Camino Ortiz Barrón, Pilar Aristizabal Llorente, Edu Zelaieta Anta


The process of regulation of High Education in the European Framework, also known as Bologna Plan, has introduced many changes, principally as for as methodology and assessment. This paper deals with the starting of new degrees in U.C. of Teacher Training of Vitoria-Gasteiz: we present the first interdisciplinary work that is made by students of our College. This new challenge has got several positive aspects, as we are going to explain, and, also, some points to be worked on. It is relevant to notice that this interdisciplinary work has become in the reference for next module tasks. As Management Team and Coordination Network of this College, we are conscious about the need to strengthen positive aspects and, above all, to improve all ones we can. In this sense, utilizing active and interdisciplinary methodologies is an opening to new dimension within the sphere of the University: from now on we are supposed to break the individual structures and parcels that we have known until today, and it leads us to look for new exchange spaces in order to develop our students’ training in a coordinated way.


Coordination; methodology; interdisciplinary; teacher training; collective work

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